About us

Our team introduction

We(maybe just me) are a team in China. I'm an amateur programmer and I have my full-time job unrelated by programmer. Writing program is my hobby, and I've insisted on writing code in my spare time decade. I can say that my programming skills are no less favorable than professional programmers.

Although this is my amateur, but you should not worry about software maintenance and upgrades. I will continue to develop it to make it perfect, and give you the best service, not just for money.

FMiner is the program I begin to write from 2009, and I rewrote the program three times during this period. I am a perfectionist,I hope FMiner be the most easy-to-use and most powerful web scraping software. It is difficult to balance. From FMiner6 I decided make macro recording as its core, so people can just record their actions to build a project and macro is very easy to extend and control. I think this is FMiner's final form, and will not make big changes.

FMiner is wrote with python language, use PySide as the basis. PySide is a python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework, it has webkit module for developing web browser and FMiner is developed with this module.

If you have any problem, please go to forum or send a mail.