Actions Connections and Execution Flow

FMiner will execute actions from starting action and follow the arrow lines connecting them.

Every action diagrams have some joints for connecting lines, you can drag a line from a joint to connect other nodes or the node itself.

  • Left black joint: When the action failed, then do the action liked its left black joint. (e.g clicking action can't find the button, then follow this line)
  • Bottom red joint: When completed the action, proceed to the next action node.
  • Right blue joint: When completed the action, proceed to the "scrape page" node to scrape data from the page. The linked node must be "scrape page" action.



"Goto" and "open link(s)" action diagrams have no "left black joint", they will not fail to execute, but FMiner will record them to "error links" when encountered an error(e.g. error of 404, 500), you can move them to "remaining links" to run them again.

Most human actions(click, fill, select...) have "left black joint", when FMiner can't find the target(button, input...) on page, it will fail.

"Validate" action has more feature for judgement.  It's can be used to judge whether the page has the special content or DOM.



Drop a line to an action's ancestry or itself can make a loop.

You can insert a "run code" with template "counter" to a loop to control the number of cycles.