Add Actions manually

In addition to adding actions by recording macro, you can add actions manually. And for some actions(e.g. "scrape page", "wait", 'run code", "run javascript"), you must add them manually.

To add an action  manually, click "add action" button, then select one from the pop-up menu. The new action will be added follow the selected action and connect its bottom joint(when success), this means FMiner will do this action when the previous action done successfully.  

You can right-click the left joint of an action in the scene, and add an action connect to its left joint(when fail). The new action will be executed when the previous action failed.


Remove action

To remove an action, here's two way, you can:

  • Select a diagram, then click the "remove" button.
  • Right click a diagram, then select remove.


Remove connections between actions

Right-click a line, then select the "remove" option.


Add connections between actions

Click the joint of an action, and drag a line to another action, will create an arrow between them.


Change existing actions

Select an action diagram in the scene, all its attributes will be shown on the "attribute panel", you can change anything here. The changes will be saved automatically.