Anonymity Settings

In case you prefer to scrape the remote website anonymously and not expose your network details, FMiner has a Proxy Setting Feature to facilitate anonymous scraping of target sites. This feature helps not only keep your extraction activity anonymous but also prevents the remote site from blocking your IP address from accessing the website.

1. Clear cookies footprint

Clear cookies in browsers for opening every URLs.

2. Change useragent

You can set a useragent here, see Useragent list here:



Start by enabling the proxies feature by selecting the Enable Proxies checkbox.

This will allow you to enter one or more proxy addresses in the proxy window. Simply copy and paste your list of proxies in this window. Note that each proxy address should be separated by a line break. Also, make sure to enter your proxy address or list in the following format: ip:port@type$user/pwd, when the type is http can ignore @http, and when the type is socks5 or socks4, it can be just socks. Type ignore sensitive. is same as, and is same as

When here's some separators : (@ $ / ) in "user" or "pwd", you can use \ to escape it. For example when user is, it should be user\

In case you are providing a list of proxy server addresses FMiner will use the first line proxy in proxy list then automatically rotate through them after the specified time interval set in the Rotate proxies setting.


Rotate proxies

When here are multiple proxies, you can check it to rotate every proxies automatically.

1. Every x minutes

Rotate proxies every x minutes.

2. Every x pages

Rotate proxies every x pages.


Captcha Settings

Choice captcha solutions:  Manually or Third Party Service. See Captcha Actions.