A simple tutorial to scrape data from a page


This is the most simple tutorial of FMiner. It will open a link(http://www.fminer.com/), then scrape data from the page. Steps:


1. Create a new project


2. Click "record" to begin record macro


3. Input URL and open it in Integrated Browser


4. Click "Scrape page" begin scrape content from this page


5. Click "Add table" to create a data table, the table will be assigned to the "scrape page" action automatically to hold the scraped

Input a name for the table, click "OK" to create it.


6. Right click the content we want to capture, select "capture content" to create a "capture content" action


7. Click "New column" to create a column in the table to hold this data

Input a name for the column, click "OK" to create it.


Now, we made this project, it will just scrape a data from the page. Click "run" to execute it, when finish, click "export" to export the results.