Can't select target that contain "&nbsp" by "with text..."


When a target contain "&nbsp" or some special character like "/", FMiner can't create correct XPath with the format "with text...". Because XPath can't distinguish between space and "&nbsp",  this is an internal problem of XPath.

To deal with this problem, you can change XPath to format "start with..." or "contain..." or other format. For example, the code of next page link on page is 

[Next Page]

It contain   When you select it in context menu "open link(s)" -> "link with text [Next Page]" on page, the XPath will be:

//a[text()='[Next >>]']

It can't work, you must change it manually  to format like 


This rarely occurs, if you can't select target correctly, and XPath format like "with text...", please check page code, and see whether it contains " ".