Getting Started


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Design  Macro


Edit Macro:  Record Actions   |   Add/Remove/Change Actions     

Debug  Macro:  Step/Run to   |   Inspector[View Page Code]   |   Target XPath[Select Targets Correctly]

Steps to Fix the Project When Pages Changed


Details of Actions


Actions Connections and Execution Flow[Loop, Judge] 

Common Attributes of Actions[XPath, Data, Before do Action]

URLs/Links Actions:   Goto[Batch Add URLs]   |   Open Link(s)[Recursively]   |   Open More Link(s)   |   Multiple Threads(Browsers)

Scrape/Capture Actions:   Scrape Page   |   Capture Content

Human Actions:   Wait, Fill, Click, Check, Choose, Select, Scroll Down

System Actions:   Run Code   |   Validate   |   Scrape Target Count   |   Log

Browser Actions:   Run Javascript in Browser   |   Clear Cookies   |   Go back

Captcha Actions:   Get/Input Captcha[Appear Randomly]


Data Manipulation


Export Format   |   Data Table   |   Inputting Data/Variables   |   Download Files from URLs in Data Table




Logs   |   Running Statistics[Handle Error Links]    |   Execute Externally[Command-line Parameters]

Scheduled Execution




General[Timeout, Interval, Threads Count]   |   Scraping Settings   |   Anonymity[Proxies, Captcha, Useragent]

Run Settings[Clear Tables Before Run, Traverse Table Rows, Report After Run]




  1. Relate tables with "Item Unique attribute(name, ID...)" or "URL" and "parent URL"
  2. Optimize execution speed
  3. How to select a range of targets
  4. How to scrape rows from a table
  5. How to traverse all "options" in a "select" control on page
  6. How to scrape full Ajax site without link 
  7. How to judge it got last page when loop clicking "next" button or recursively opening "next" link


Frequently Asked Questions