Download Files from URLs in Data Table(Just for Pro/Mac Edition)


FMiner can download files assigned in "capture content". But sometimes, we just can scrape URLs of files. For example, when the image URLs in "style" of HTML code, we can extract their links, but can't download them when extraction. Or, we would like to scrape data at first, and download the files later. We can use this tool to download files from URLs in data table after extraction.

When scraped more URLs(Divided by newline)  in a column of a row, this tool can download them and save their file names to different columns. For example, when scraped data like this:

Name Attribute Image_URLs file1 file2 file3
Item1 attr1      
Item2 attr2

You can use this tool to download URLs in column "Image_URLs", and save files names to file1, file2... The results after execution will like this:

Name Attribute Image_URL file1 file2 file3
Item1 attr1 aa.jpg    
Item2 attr2
bb1.jpg bb2.jpg  



Download File from URLs of Column

Select a column with the URLs you want to download. The column can have more than one URLs divided by newline, downloader will try to download them and save files names in selected columns of "Save File Name to Column".


Save File Name to Column

Select column(s) to keep the names of downloaded files.

Ignore Non-empty Field: When the selected column(s) of a row is non-empty, ignore this row and not try to download URLs of this row. This option is very useful when we stopped downloader, or scraped some new data. we can check it, and "run downloader" again, it will ignore the downloaded new files.


Save Files to Folder

Which folder the downloaded files will be saved.



Threads to download files. You can change it bigger to make it faster.