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For Windows:

Download FMiner Pro 9.81 (17.6M)    Download FMiner Basic 9.81 (17.6M)
For Mac OS X:
Download FMiner Mac 9.81 (32.1M)

Free Trial 15 Days, Easy to Install and Uninstall Completely

Pro and Basic edition are for Windows, Mac edition just for Mac OS 10. Recommended Pro/Mac edition with full features.

See edition comparison

Pro and Basic edition is for windows, Mac edition just for Mac OS 10.

The installers contain all necessary libraries, no need to install other things like JAVA and .NET.


Edition comparison

 FMiner BasicFMiner Pro / Mac
Output format: excel, csv, sqlite excel, csv, sqlite, xml/html, json and all database support ODBC (access, mysql ,sql server...)
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Install limit: 1 host(Windows) 1 host(Pro for window, Mac for Mac OS)
Price: $168 $248 / $228

Mac Edition has all features of Pro Edition, just can't upgrade automatically. It will prompt when found a new version and need the users to download and install the new version manually!