Data Table

You can add some data tables to hold the data scraped or the data inputting. The tables will just show 100 data for performance, you can click "next page" or "previous page" to change pages..


Add, Change and Remove Data Table

The first three buttons are for adding new data table, changing table's name or columns and removing the current table.

Buttons of import/export tables structure are for import/export all tables structure, it's important for making multiple projects with the same data structure.

Double clicking a column to change its name or unique attribute, and if unique attribute been changed to True, FMiner will try to override or ignore the scraped data with the same column value. Non-empty attribute means when scrape data with this column empty, FMiner will ignore and not save it.


Add, Change and Remove Data in a Table

Double-click a row to change it, and click Add button to add a new row, click "remove" button to remove the selected row. "Clear" button is for remove all data in the current table.


Import Data to a Table

Import a XLS or CSV file into the current table, if the file is XLS format, it will import the first sheet to the data table, if the file is a CSV file, and contains non-English characters, it should be in utf-8 encoding. 


Insert Data to a Column

Insert bulk data to a column of a table, you can copy some data to the textarea, or generate some data in it, then click "insert" to insert all data to the table. The data will be inserted to new rows.


Run script to Edit Data (for Pro/Mac Edition)

Here are you write some python code to edit the data tables, and it's same as run code to write the code.  For details how to write the script, see here...

And there are also some default templates you can use.


This template can merge two tables with the same column, for example, a table "categories" scrape "category" and "url", another table "items" scrape detail information and "parent_url", you can merge the table "categories" to "items", before to do this you must make the column "category" in table "items" to hold the field from table "categories". It often is used for scraping information from different pages.