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Execute FMiner task externally

Fminer can be called with some arguments. The last argument is the project path, and other arguments are for control the program:

mainwin.exe [options] project_path

For Mac OS:

/Applications/ [options] project_path

Details of options

--run: Run the project when open it.

--resume: resume the project when open it.

--cleartables=: clear tables when open a project and before run it. Example: "--cleartables=table1,table2" will clear "table1" and "table2".

--autoclose: close FMiner when finish run/resume and export(if --export_tables be assigned).

--export_all_tables: export all data tables when run/resume over.

--export_tables=: export data tables when run/resume over, invalid when "--export_all_tables" assigned. Examples: "--export_tables" export all tables; "--export_tables=table1,table2" export "table1" and "table2".

--export_format=: can be "csv", "xls", "xlsx", "sqlite", "database". This option valid when "--export_all_tables" or "--export_tables" assigned.

--export_path=: it's value according to export format, when export format is "csv", it's the export folder; when "xls", "xlsx" or "sqlite", it's the export file path; when "database", its the connection string.

--export_headers: Export the data with header.

--export_file_time: Add a unique time suffix to the output file/folder name when export data.

--move_errorlinks: Move all error links to remain links. See here:

Some examples

mainwin.exe --run --autoclose --cleartables=output --export_all_tables
--export_format=xls --export_path=test.xls --export_headers
--export_file_time test.fmpx

This example will run project of test.fmpx, and export data to test.xls.

Simple steps to make bat file run a project

For example, you made a project named "test.fmpx".

  1. Copy the test.fmpx to folder of FMiner "C:Program FilesFMiner" .
  2. Make a bat file "test.bat".
  3. Edit "test.bat", and input command line, for example "mainwin.exe --run --autoclose test.fmpx", and save the file.
  4. Double click the bat file will run the project.