Error of "Export data fail -13Permission denied" when export data


This is because FMiner has no privilege to write the exporting file, you must make sure FMiner can access the folder/file FMiner exporting. To deal with this problem:

1. Don't open the exported file when export again. If the file is opened by other program, it will not be write by FMiner.

2. Make FMiner has privilege to write the exporting folder. FMiner does not run as administrator, and has no privilege to export file to some folders.  You  can start up FMiner as administrator, or change export format and set path to your "document" folder(It can be accessed by all program). By default, FMiner will export file to the same folder of project, so if you did not change export format, you can just copy project to your "document" folder then run it.

3. Check "export settings", make sure the path of the exporting file is valid path.