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Running FMiner in command prompt failed


I am running FMiner 9.81 eval copy in mac os 10.11.6. It works perfectly well in graphical interface to create the .fmpx file and export the desired data to excel without any issue.

Then, i try to run FMiner in command mode by using the same .fmpx and follow the documentation, but failed. I have no idea what's wrong. It will be great if you can help. I've tried to create a few .fmpx that can run in graphical interface and export data to excel successfully, all these failed in command line.

———- script —————
/Applications/FMiner.app/Contents/MacOS/FMiner –run –autoclose –export_all_tables –export_format=xls ==export_path=./output.xls –export_headers ./test1.fmpx

i've attached the .fmpx for your reference as well.

attachment test1.fmpx (18.3 KB)


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