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File contains parsing errors: settings.cfg


I have a paid version of the software. I have contacted support twice and heard nothing back after two weeks. Fminer was working correctly, but now when I try to start fMiner, I get an error message that there was an error. Checking the log shows

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “mainwin.py”, line 5976, in <module>
File “mainwin.py”, line 5906, in main
File “gdata.py”, line 1289, in init_database
File “gdata.py”, line 1086, in update_register_status
File “ConfigParser.pyo”, line 305, in read
File “ConfigParser.pyo”, line 546, in _read
ConfigParser.ParsingError: File contains parsing errors: settings.cfg
: “.fmpx']\n”

I checked my settings.cfg file and it shows the following:-

recent =


That last bit seems to be the problem, : “.fmpx']\n”. I can edit the file and save it. Fminer will then start but asks to me to Activate the software again. When I try to Activate the software again it says I can't as I have the software installed on another machine!!

Can anyone help please.


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