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#1 Nov. 27, 2013 19:16:29

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Scraping this element

And the proxy you set is in bad format, “socks” not “socks5”.


#2 Nov. 30, 2013 19:40:02

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Scraping this element

The project you made have some mess, not check it in detail, maybe you did not clear what I means, I means you can add another “scrape page” on the last “wait” action to just scrape the review you can't scraped in the first “scrape page” action, Made the project for you, try it.

I appreciate the example but it doesn't work.
I ended up using my project because in the 2 scrapes, the first takes non extended reviews (before expanding the “mores”)
My second scrape takes the extended reviews after clicking the “mores”
Both scrapes go into the same table as you suggested.
I think even if yours was to work, it would have skipped the start of the page non mores which I see is a bug in the app.

I have read your online manual but am wondering if you have more info detailing the “expression” fields you can apply? ARe they Excel, Access or similar type formulas you can use? I've already used the static ones & they work fine.
Thanks again for the quick replies & help.
I do like this tool & it has allot of potential



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