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#1 Dec. 30, 2020 15:13:40

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Fminer is alive again!!

Uff. the server was down for several days.. but now is alive again.

I replaced the fminer with octoparse, but I think that fminer works better.

But this episode makes me nervous about what might happen in the future. Fminer is a project that is probably abandoned by its creator, there have been no updates for a loooong time, but I am concerned about what will happen if the server crashes again in the future or if its creator does not maintain it anymore.


#2 Jan. 3, 2021 13:19:57

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Fminer is alive again!!

Would like to have an answer to this as well,

I dont get why it is so hard to let us know what is going on with FMiner and what happens if the server goes down permanently.

We know you maintain the servers and I have seen admin online in the forum, why not just tell us what to expect.

Thank you in advance

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