General Settings

1. Page load timeout

The time FMiner will wait for page loading, if the page has not finished loading in this time period, FMiner will stop it and continue to do next action. If your network is very slow, you can change it bigger.


Note:The extraction will not break and stop when timeout, it will stop loading and continue to do run, because in most cases, even the page not finish loading, most of the page contents have appeared, and will not affect the extraction. But you can enable "Record timeout pages as error pages" to record these timeout links.


2. Action interval

The wait time after doing every actions.


3. Target wait time

If program can't find the target or scraped nothing (When the scraped data contain an empty field with Non-empty attribute also means nothing), it will wait some time, and try again.


4. Max thread(browser) count

This is for goto and open link(s) to open multiple links in the different browser at the same time to get good performance. See Multiple Threads.