Captcha Actions

To solve captcha, you must use "Gaptcha Get" and "Captcha Input" actions.

1. Captcha Get

Assign the captcha image to this action's target. An image dialog will be shown for you to input the captcha text when doing this action.


[NOTE: Be careful to check the XPath of  Captcha Image,  XPath FMiner generated may not work for all pages(for example, When the XPath like this: //img[@src='/captcha/api/rh0NI-JfGQ.jpg'], rh0NI-JfGQ is a dynamic value, will change when refresh page), you should change XPath.]


2. Captcha Input

Assign the input control to hold the captcha text to this action's target. The inputted captcha text will be filled here when doing this action.


The Captcha Show Randomly

Some sites(such as recaptcha) just show captcha image sometimes, not every time. For this case, you can just drag a black line(when fail) to skip "captcha" and "captcha input" action, then when can't found "captcha image", FMiner will ignore these steps.



Captcha Manually or Third Party Service

Switch to Captcha Tab setting in Project Settings, you can indicate whether you will be resolving the Captcha Manually or by using a Third Party Captcha Solve Service.