How to scrape rows from a table

Here is no much different as "Extract multiple sets data" from normal pages. You should select each row in a table in "scrape page" node with "group select", then add "capture content" to capture every field in rows.

The only different is DOM of rows in a table is DOM "tr", and it's invisible, and can't be selected by clicking it on pages. So you should select a "td" and then use "expand select" to select a "tr". The steps detail:


1. Select the "scrape page" node in scene, check  "Extract multiple sets of data", because you want to scrape multiple row data.


2. Click "select target", and  select a "td" target in the table on page. The XPath will like "xxx/xxx/td".


3. Click "expand select" to select "tr". Now the XPath should be like "xxxxx/xxxx/tr".


4. Check "group select", then click another row in the table to select all "tr".


After do this, you can add 'capture content" nodes under it to capture every field in rows.


Please see the tutorial  "Scrape table on pages" here:  FMiner tutorials