How to traverse and choice "option" in "select" control on pages

Here's different ways to do this for different situations

1. The contents or count of the options in the select is fixed

For this situation, you can add all options' contents to a table for inputting, then Traversing data table. And on "select" action, put inputting format of this table(e.g. [$table.column$] ) to Data attribute. See select action.  

And you can also use option's index to do this if the count of options is fixed, for example, there's 5 options in a select control, you can add rows with contents 1,2,3,4 and 5 to the inputting table, then set Data attribute of "select action" like this:


Don't miss #. And you can also make loop with a counter, then select option with the variable of this counter, the Data attribute may like this: #[%counter1%].


2. The contents and count of the options in the select is dynamic

For this situation, you must scrape all options to a temporary table for inputting, then make a loop to select rows in this table. And don't forget clear the table before scraping options if you need loop for many select control.