Input Data

FMiner's "Input Data" may be used to generate input values for a specified attribute (target, data, URLs, etc.) of a node to direct FMiner's actions such as a Fill, GoTo. In this manner, FMiner will generate values for the attribute of a node to meet formats designated by you (e.g. [$table.column$] or [%variable%]).

For instance, if the format for a data attribute of a "fill" action is "aa[%counter%]bb", and counter variable is 0, FMiner will generate actual inputting value of "aa0bb" conforming to the sites input format.


1. Get data From Data Table

Format of getting data from a data table is [$table.column$]. FMiner will get the data from the column in the table.

NOTE: If there are more than one rows of data in the data table, FMiner will just use the last row by default, if you enable Run multiples times with each row data of the table, and assigned the data table, program will use each row of the data table.


Run Multiples Times with Each Row Data of a Table

When enable this option on project settings dialog, the program will run multiple times according to rows of the data table, and use each row data when running. For example, if rows like this:


 the program will run twice with "dog", "cat" as inputting.


2. Get Data from Variables

Format of getting data from the variables is [%variable%], variables are created by run code.


3. Get Data From File

Format of getting data from file is [#filepath#], it will read all data from the filepath.


Add actions with "input data" when record

The simplest way to add actions with "input data" is right-click the target on the page and select an option in the menu when record actions.