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Your order will be processed by PayPal, it support credit card and many other payment methods. After purchase, you will receive a license serial number by email, then you can use it to activate your program.

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NOTE: Pro and Basic version is for windows, Mac version just for Mac OS 10.


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 20% discount for 2-4 licenses, 30% discount for 5-10 licenses!

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  2-4 licenses(20% discount) 5-10 license(30% discount)
FMiner Basic 2($268), 3($403), 4($537) 5($588), 6($705), 7($823), 8($940), 9($1058), 10($1176)
FMiner Pro 2($396), 3($595), 4($793) 5($868), 6($1041), 7($1215), 8($1388), 9($1562), 10($1736)
FMiner for Mac 2($364), 3($547), 4($729) 5($798), 6($957), 7($1117), 8($1276), 9($1436), 10($1596)


Additional License with 20% Discount

If you have already purchased a license, you can buy another license with 20% discount

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Note: If you do not receive an email with license number when finish payment.The reason should be the email was blocked as spam or your email is not same as your paypal account, please check your spam box, if it doesn't exist, you can click button of "Get License Number from Invoice ID" on the program activating dialog and input the "Invoice ID" paypal.com sent you to get the "License Number"! If you still have any problem, please send an email to support@fminer.com.