Run project with login actions, it will fail when logged in


For the project with login actions, when you executed it one time, execute it again, it will fail because the site has been logged in, and can't log it again. To fix this problem, you can do like this:

For the first action of "fill" account name for login, you can drag a line from left of this action(this means do this action failed, see here) to the late action logged in, so if it can't find this control (most site remove this control when logged), it will skip late actions of logging in. The project may like this:

But here are a few exceptions for some sites, when logged in, the control of account still there, just be hidden, so FMiner still can find the control. For this kind sites, you need use validate action to judge whether it logged in, you can set "failing text" to "logout" or other special text to judge whether it logged in.