Run Settings

On Project Settings dialog, here's some options for "run", "before run", and "after run".


1. Stop when scrape X recorders

You can assign a number to let program stop automatically when scraped some data.


2. Run multiple times with each row data of a table(Just for Pro/Mac version)

When you enable this option, and assigned a data table, program will run multiple times with each row data of table as input. See input data.


3. Javascript dialog on page

You can set these options for the page will show alert or confirm dialog.


4. Save code and screenshot of warning/error pages

Whether save the page code and screenshot of the warning/error pages, then you can open them in log window to debug the project, by default the program just record the pages' links in log window.


5. Record timeout pages as error pages

Put loading timeout pages as error pages. See run statictics. It's not enabled by default. When it's not enabled, for the long loading pages, FMiner will stop loading and continue to execute. 


Before Run

1. Clear tables

Here you can assign some tables for clearing data before each execution.


2. Prompt input a row to table

Here you can select a table for inputting, when run the project, it will prompt you to input the data to the table. For example, you can assign "keyword" table to it.


After Run

Here you can set whether export results after run. 

Send a mail report

Send a mail report to the assigned email address. For gmail configuration, see here:

Upload results to ftp

Upload results to ftp server, to enable it, you must check "Export data tables".