Running Statistics

When execution, you can click "Statistics" button on the toolbar to see the statistics dialog.

1. Scraped Data

"Scraped Data" reports the count of records scraped. The figure will reflect the total records scraped. So if you have a project which scrapes data into 3 tables, the Scraped Data figure will represent the total number of records collected to your 3 tables.


2. Links

The Links stat figure reports the total number of links completed, the number remaining to be crawled and the number of error links which resulted in errors(e.g. network break, or server errors of 404, 500...).


Move all error links to remaining links

As FMiner crawls the link path you've defined in your project, there may be some pages that failed to open due to a variety of reasons ranging from connection problems to remote server access issues. FMiner maintains a record of all such resulting error links so you can monitor the success of your crawl and re-crawl the "error links" by simply clicking the "Move all error links to remaining links" button.

You can click this button when running, the error links will be crawled again automatically; Or you can click it when run over, then click "resume" to crawl these error links again.

NOTE: FMiner only records the error links from the "goto" and "open links" nodes, because it's impossible to save the browser status after done some human actions like "fill", "click". So for big project, you should as much as possible to use these two kind actions to resolve the situation that may arise errors.