Scrape page

In order to scrape contents from the page, you need to create a Scrape Page node then add some capture content actions to extract actual data elements.

This action notifies the program that you wish to Scrape Contents from the page. It generally contains some "capture content" Actions which identifies, selects and saves specific data elements on the page.


Save to table

After creating a Scrape Data node, you need to assign a data table to tell the program which table the data will be saved into. In the screenshot above, you'll note that the "results" Table has been assigned to "save to table" control. You can create a new table, or select an existing table here.


Extract multiple sets of data

To scrape multiple sets of data, check it and use "group select" to select all blocks you want to scrape. (e.g. To scrape all rows of in a table, you should select a TD DOM then "expand select" to select TR DOM (table row), finally select all TR with "group select". See select target.


Write results to variables

Write scraped data to the global variables for "run code".