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When Operation is the Only Criteria

There are certain things you need to know about a screen scraper. In the ever-changing world of commerce, efficiency operating the daily operational tasks has become the life blood of any business. In the grand scheme of business, it is the operations that business owners rely most heavily on when the pressure of business begins to mount. Sometimes, however, we take these operations for granted due to the other business-related and time consuming tasks placed on our shoulders during the course of any business day.

There is Help for Businesses Everywhere

When the work just seems to keep piling up it is of the utmost importance that business owners can rely on computer software programs that are minimize the labor involved in performing any ministerial duty. Fortunately for business owners worldwide, screen scraper software serves just that function.

What is Screen Scraper Software?

Screen scraper provides individuals the ability to extract and store specific templates from a wide range of online sources. This process allows the scraped data to be accessed immediately by the user and then made available to be utilized for a variety of functions.

How do I use Screen Scraper?

A screen scraper is developed to be extremely user friendly. The software allows an individual the ability to point and click to data available on various web pages. The user may then open the data in Excel or other text format and use the extracted data to assist them in performing their work-related tasks.

Where Can I Find Screen Scraper?

Screen scraper software can be downloaded instantly onto your computer at This website contains all the information an interested person needs to understand the value of screen scraper software.

What is FMiner

Web screen scraping refers to reading and scraping web content from pages displayed in a browser. FMiner is a smart web screen scraper that can extract specific data from websites automatically. FMiner's biggest advantage is that the formulation of extraction rules is very simple and users can do this simply by pointing and clicking the mouse. Scraping rules are arranged in the form of a tree and users can add and modify nodes in this tree. The tree and its nodes specify how the program is to crawl the target website and scrape the web page screen.

Screen scraping is a complex task involving various types of website. FMiner has many advanced features designed to handle various situations and contains numerous plugins to solve specific problems. Users can even create their own plugins written in Python. There are three types of plugin: processor, saving and reporter. Processor plugins are for further processing the extracted results, for example if the extracted results need to be modified. Saving plugins are used each time before extracted data is saved to the table and can be used to change the data when saving it or save the data in another format. Reporter plugins are used when the extraction is finished. FMiner's plugins are very easy to write compared to other screen scraping software and every plugin is a Python file.

What is The Cost of Screen Scraper?

The cost for the FMiner screen scraper software is as follows:

  • FMiner: $168.00
  • FMiner Pro: $398.00

This is a paltry price to pay in exchange for the peace of mind knowing that your many operational concerns involving the efficiency of your work place will be taken care of due to the power of the screen scraper software.

Can I Try Before I Buy?

For all of those screen scraper skeptics out there, FMiner has you covered. is offering all potential users a free trial download of the FMiner software. This software download is available by clicking the download button on the first page of and following the download instruction.

The success of the global economy is based on both small and large businesses finding the most appropriate ways to run cost efficient daily operations. With the every growing competitive financial world, the pressure on the bottom line continues to grow and, as a result, companies are scrambling to gain any advantage available to them in the software industry to give them a leg up on their competitors. 

With all the benefits offered by the screen scraper software along with the option of a risk free trial business owners cannot afford to miss out on getting on board with the newest and most effective software possible. 

The screen scraper developed by FMiner makes use of multithreaded and advanced crawling technology in extracting huge amount of data from many websites and web pages, and the great thing is that everything is done within seconds. The services provided are of high quality with 99.9% accuracy, in addition to 24/7 customer support. Many clients who have used the service always been coming back because of the reliable, robust, accurate and affordable scraping solutions enjoyed.

Screen scraping also means web harvesting and web data extraction.


About FMiner

FMiner is a real visual web scraping tool with a diagram designer, and you can use it to build a project with macro record. Goto video tutorials to see how to use it.



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