Here are some complex projects made with FMiner

FMiner can complete complex web scraping tasks

These are all production-level projects, and these figures are reduced to 25% to protect privacy. If you made a complex task, please send it to us, and we will put it here.

Project 1

This project will login a site, then search the site with google with some advanced keywords site:xxxx -inurl:yyyy ...words,then open the pages found and scrape data from them. Here is a validate node after done google searching, if find a captcha image (google often pop a captcha image when doing some advanced searching) then solve it, or skip these steps.

Project 2

This project will login a site, then goto many Urls of this site according to profiles ids in a table cyclically, do some actions and scrape data from these pages. Here the second goto node with data[%input_profileid%], then FMiner will go to open the pages with all profile ids in the table, and here also is a click action with a black line from left joint to next node, means FMiner will skip this step if it can't find the button.