Trial expired in 15 days or on full licensed computer


When activate FMiner with a license or for trial. Server will record your hardware information. You should not change your hardware after activation, or FMiner will judge it as a different computer, and the activation will be invalid, a dialog with "trial expired" will show on startup. 


Sometimes(particularly for Mac Edition), when you switched your network adapter between LAN and Wireless, the server may judge it as a different computer, and the activation may be invalid. To deal with this problem, you can change back your network. If you want to use the new network:

1. For trial version, you can remove settings.cfg file (For windows it will in folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\FMiner\", for Mac OS, it will in folder: "/Users/{{YOUR URSER NAME}}/Library/Application Support/FMiner/ "), then activate for trial again.

2. For full licensed computer, you can change back your network and Move license to another computer(You can email us help you do this, if you do not want to change back your network), then activate the license again.