These tutorials are from simple to complex, and every tutorial has very few different steps as the previous one, so it's easy to be learned step by step.


Some of these video tutorials may be outdated, Please go to here for new tutorials!


1. Basic tutorials

Here are some basic tutorials to help new users familiar with FMiner and get it started.

1. Open links on a page then scrape data from these pages
This tutorial will scrape top 250 movies' information from imdb. It has only one different step as the previous tutorial.

2. Scrape table from page
This tutorial show how to scrape table from a page.

3. Scrape all yellow pages following "Next" link
This tutorial will follow next link to scrape all yellow pages.

4. Click "next page" button for ajax pages
This tutorial will show how to click "next page" button to flip for ajax pages.

5. Skills to Select Target Correctly
Some skills of FMiner to select targets on page correctly

2. Advanced tutorials

Here are some advanced tutorials to show how to complete the complex tasks of web scraping with FMiner.

1. Scrap google searching results
This video is a full tutorial of doing google searching, it will show how to record actions, add scraping node, capturing node and run extraction.

2. login facebook do searching and scrape searching results
This tutorial will show how to login facebook and do searching, scrape searching results on it.

3. Scrape emails from mutiple sites
This tutorial will show how to scrape emails with regular expression, and write back the emails with runcode.

3. More skills

Here are some tutorials to show common skills of FMiner.

1. Input data 1 - Input data from data table
This tutorial will show how to get data from a table. It will do google searching with a keyword got from a data table, then when you want scrape data with another keyword, just change it in the table without modify the project.

2. Input data 2 - Input every row of data table
This tutorial will show how to read every keyword from a data table and do google searching with each of them.

3. Download files and images
This tutorial will show how to download files and images when scraping a page.

4. Resolve captcha on pages
This tutorial will show how to solve captcha validation on pages when scraping web sites.

5. Email report and scheduler
This tutorial will show how to configure email report and scheduler.

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