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If you are looking for a program that can pick out the information you need from anywhere on the Internet, then you need a web crawler. Web crawlers, also known as  web spiders, are used in many search engines to find sites related to specific key words.

Search engines cannot exist and operate successfully without web crawlers because they are superb tools that make them to gather information about websites easily. This is another reason for which the details of their architecture and algorithms are often kept as business secrets. FMiner is a more advanced web crawler that works more efficiently and more powerfully than other programs.

What is a Web Crawler?

A web crawler does a systematic search of Internet sites to find pages that are applicable to the information that is needed. As with many current internet browsers, keywords are used to search for a specific term, phrase, or words. Web crawlers are so effective at searching for these terms that they perform the physical search used by common web browsers. 

How a Web Crawler Works

Web browsers systematically send out web crawlers, or spiders, which then find websites and copy portions of the pages’ web address, hyperlinks and phrases. This information is then cataloged or indexed before it is stored. The process allows the program to quickly sift through the indexed data using the proper criteria without the need to search the entire Internet.

A specialized web crawler can catalog whole sites, or they can harvest only general information in order to label a site within a database. Initial web crawlers worked quickly because the information on the Internet was limited. In modern times, web crawlers are constantly searching new sites for data, links, views, and information as well as regularly rechecking existing sites for updated or changed information. Modern crawl programs are even used to find similar terms or to harvest contact information such as:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email addresses

web scraping with web crawler

FMiner's Web Crawler

FMiner’s specialized data scraping technology works much like a crawler in that it allows users to harvest pages of information very quickly. FMiner is more advanced since it is such a powerful Internet data extractor. It allows you to search for various things from current Internet sites including:

  • Login
  • Proxy
  • Plugin 
  • Secure hypertext protocols
  • JavaScript 

By using cookies and URL actions to log into websites, FMiner can help you to track users, data, and achieve the desired extraction even from secure sites that use captcha protection.

Dynamic webpages are still open to FMiner through the use of macros. FMiner can even copy and replay actions on JavaScript pages that will then duplicate the clicks and keystrokes of a browser, saving the user from unnecessary reading. 

How Can FMiner Help Me?

FMiner has the ability to help people in several fields. Businessmen can use the program to search for potential customers, and it will help them keep an eye on the competition. FMiner will also aid web content developers as they determine which websites are more popular or even out of date. If you have a website, FMiner can monitor and store the information of visitors so that you can construct your pages according to what they need.

There are many web crawlers on the market, but they are not as powerful as FMiner. This particular program can access several sources of information at once to give you accurate information with the click of a mouse.


About FMiner

FMiner is a real visual web scraping tool with a diagram designer, and you can use it to build a project with macro record. Goto video tutorials to see how to use it.



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