Web data extraction

What is web data extraction, how to do it?

Web data extraction is exactly that; a way to extract data from the Internet. Businesses are highly technical today and are always looking for ways to improve, save money, save time and keep an eye on their competitors. Web data extraction makes these tasks all the easier.

How Web Data Extraction Works

There is a lot of valuable information on the Internet, and if you were to spend the time yourself trying to get the information, copy and paste what you can and so forth; you’d be spending all of your time researching and never getting anything accomplished. With web data extraction, you choose the content you are looking for and the program does the rest. It scours the Internet finding and extracting all the relative information that you have showed an interest in.

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How Can I Use Web Data Extraction?

Once you have decided upon the type of information you would like to extract, you can also set it up so that the program will continue to collect information on those topics whenever it is changed or updated.

The information collected is compiled and can be put into a variety of formats, including spread sheets so that your information is easily assessable. This is a powerful tool to use to update blogs, keep track of records, monitor competition and a host of other functions.

FMiner’s web data extraction tool can be used for any website on the Internet. The tool offers extractions from:

  • Site logins
  • Plugins
  • Proxy
  • JavaScript Coded pages

The FMiner’s web data extraction tool offers two ways for users to log into pages to be able to extract the information.

  • CookiesURL 
  • Action


Cookies are used mainly for sites that require a protected login such as sites using captcha verification methods. Once you have logged into a site, the program will record the cookie for future use.

URL Action

Most sites can be extracted using URL action. The cookies that have been recorded will automatically update, and the site is available for extraction.

Dynamic pages, such as those using JavaScript Code, FMiner’s web extraction uses a macro. This is very beneficial as the macro makes it convenient and easy to use so that the user does not have to even read or write any of the code as it is transferred/converted for them.

FMiner also offers full database support, which is very helpful and not available with many other programs. Extracted data can be imported from various other mediums and saved to one file so that you do not have multiple files of information scattered about. In this way, you are able to update already extracted material with new information without having to do a separate data extraction.

Web data extraction is a very useful tool for any business today that is looking for easier ways to keep up with the competition, find and stay on top of important updates and resources and save time and expenses in the process. FMiner’s web data extracting tool is designed specifically for users who are looking to achieve all the above in an easy and affordable manner.

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About FMiner

FMiner is a real visual web scraping tool with a diagram designer, and you can use it to build a project with macro record. Goto video tutorials to see how to use it.



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